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tYhERE u GO again neVer metioned ALWAYS thought BY mitt, that was the SMILE that sustainED him

if U watch IT 4 a second TIME w/ a microSCOPE it’s ultimateLY fascinating. wHEn emperor HAS no clothes (naked) 4 LAST 3.5 YRS U reaLize THAT some people BELIeVE he has a beautiful SET noneTHE less. U can SEE that NOMNEY who doesn’t interrupt HIM listenS & MITT knows & points OUT barry IS naked w/ HIS record.. REAGAN inhabited MITT & the entire TIME he was THINKING “there U go AGAIN” >>please quote ME aka SHARE

nancy reagan MUST have got a big KICK @ seeing ronny again b4 she leaves 2 meet him on

permanent vacation in heaven

baRRy don’Tcare

baRRy don't

baRRy don't





wiLLard “my 1st name is MITT” romney, obamaNATION by another name

If we get BARRY again we will still GET majority in senate SO vote in primary 4 MITT not his FIRST name, NOMney. If we don’t get back ON track even both HOUSEs won’t put humpTY dumpTY back 2gether AGAIN. anyBODY except RONpaul, MITT, or barry

please consider IF u voted 4 obama in 2008

please consider IF u voted 4 obama in 2008, he had his chance 4 change we can believe in MATH of electoral college & superDELEgates picked OBAMA over HILLARY, CALIFORNIA will always COUNT everyCITIZEN as whatEVER the DNC chooses IN other words PELOSI fr: san FRAN owed all of OUR potus VOTES. the system IS flawed, resTore SANITY correct ur VOTE this cycle. 2 term JIMMY carter would have destroyed THE world..