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Spent afterNOON w. My son Man am i rich

Rylee does me GRaND I must b a good DaD round table pizza PLaYd games screwD around VACATION has Its moments


Adjustment is exposeing me 2 strange reality

World is divided 2 folks who think their plugDIN and those who feel unPlugged.when i was kid reagan bought everyone 2 believe everyone was plugged in. America gave everyone oppurtunity OBAMA represent an elite class of NO Nwhites GOVT control of everything.

IT depressing


Tablet world is changing everryThing

20 yrs things are complex and the people r tuning it down. Websites r failing THE winners r not set. Its very exciting and im scared shitLESS


Met creator of bar rescue, startD w . Pitch darren

3 minute pitch video he shot it pretending 2 b bat owner. They boughBar_Rescue_Logot it on three minute demo sight unscene

He stated his movie opened 2day w jennifer lopez. It was quite interesting he was talkin a great deal at redondomsrine

bloging fr portable (vacationing) is this a blog

My office and my sleeping arrangement after cancer. Be came unbearable. IM still alive and Im still some1 wonderful Father. Running a tablet. 2 tend what I manged 4 》》20 years mac & PC is curious. If not temp BUT everthing is Change is ANNOYING BUT SO ISIFE tumblr_static_anitaekberg-041_xer001czIF U LET IT

Hype we pander 2 hype WHEN will it end CYCLE

HAD A GRAND DAY IN A DEPRESStion IN california no less happy who knew. Still on vacation aka homeless lived in torque w. Cancer. What iLL do 2 survive THX goded670e7b482a15522b7de7061d3e814c

WordPress post selectD iMages


Tablet postin random worky, no post dirext on twitter

Roomates services pretty cool

21b25ddcadd98d6efe5640184baf9d40Finding an elegant solotion ISnt easy

They asks then right questions

Speling w. Tablet hahahahahaha

Another day above ground on vacation

IMG_20150712_202510neck surgery gave me more time

Dropped 7 yr old xpPro master PC computer, time 2 jump moderm ms8 compatability ancient software out the window, DROID unix io6 tablet world time marchs on PEOPLE have 2 pay stuff is complicates like it or not

Is IT me or is all web stuff messed up

5b2fbb17b60f431e4d52809809963515Tablets iPhone 6 nothing work well and everybody thing they r plugged in and hiTech. I 4 my part @58 can tell u its in flux the economy sucks 4 regular people. I promise its confusing and u r not alone. Business is tough and not 4 sissys.