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motelING and camping THE life OF a nomad


sleepin IN a bed w/ 4 pillows WHat a blessing MAKING money huRRah

itS been an interesting few days WORKin out a solution

camping IS a means 2 an end WHAT end I know not BUT its resolving WIN_20151002_233306

Apollonia MESSAGEd me what a sweet SWEET girl THEN & especially NOW thx

A aK

Apollonia Kotero (born Patricia Apollonia Kotero on August 2, 1959 in Santa Monica, California) is an actress, singer, former model and talent manager of Mexican heritage.


LIFE a trip & am TRIPPIN

postING is easy life IS HARD so HARD hard IT killS YA K. hepburn


she IS A K> HEPBURN of HER TIME.interestING


the internet is OLD & stale. ITs something 2b fresh B fresh ENJOY it WHEN its here

the mode Im living IS exciting & scary. KEEPn the flame lit is THE question, and THE answer Im finding is IT always a personal PROJECT i subsidized BY working 4 others BUILDING content BY whatever means neccesary. SHOWtime comes at a PRICE. paying the price MOVEn the ball kickIN the can.




stuff I did 4 FREE now is blowING up in FOLKS faces

I kept website mechanics alive @ no cost CAUSE i was getting MRKT $. PEOPLE cut me off SO i didnT maintain the FREE stuff. WEBsystems over 15 years R exploding ITs a screwed up WORLD internet IS old and corrupt LIVE w IT

redondo beacH moved two houses circa 1905 to the dumps

190 & flager gone in sisty seconds right next 2 it the original killed in sequel

people THINK websites R FREE of maintenance HAHAHAHAHA things R negative

I made some money fixing whats BEEN broken 4 two years. lose access 2 au·thor·i·ta·tive email controlling cPANEL which controls everything. NO pin and no access 2 email BUT credit CARD still works. Im outta VOGUE, but world still SPIN..

nuzz buzz nuzz ID+S negative SETs impression of COMPANY//

selling the selling marketing

I studied the concept of business, the methodology of marketing. The vehicle of internet i pioneered. Now im fighting for my life against children 19 yr old kids. Everything hiTech is kardasianISH. Business really hasNt changed the titles , the names r new same old bullshit. Everyone is scared who works. Elite is a bid scam, obamaNation will it ever end. Play 4 no work around it.. make business

my SECRETS r still cookiN I testD old bait & google STILL bites

I accept what I do doNt make seem 2 people THE results PEOPLE assume R natural THEY arnT. I feed the dragon IT lickS my fingers STILL, magic THAT doesNt seem LIKE magic AND the problem. I do this & it works, like IT of NOT..