selling the selling marketing

I studied the concept of business, the methodology of marketing. The vehicle of internet i pioneered. Now im fighting for my life against children 19 yr old kids. Everything hiTech is kardasianISH. Business really hasNt changed the titles , the names r new same old bullshit. Everyone is scared who works. Elite is a bid scam, obamaNation will it ever end. Play 4 no work around it.. make business

my SECRETS r still cookiN I testD old bait & google STILL bites

I accept what I do doNt make seem 2 people THE results PEOPLE assume R natural THEY arnT. I feed the dragon IT lickS my fingers STILL, magic THAT doesNt seem LIKE magic AND the problem. I do this & it works, like IT of NOT..

Edmund Druilhet IS alive & well

madoff w/ america WAS buzz IIN the day 5 years ago. FRESU new buzz TAIKd w/ EDMUND

GOOGLE answer after ONE day:

Edmund Druilhet – IMDb
Internet Movie Database
Edmund Druilhet, Actor: Madoff: Made Off with America. Born on 17th August 1964, Producer of Feature film and creator of TV series, the brother of Tom Druilhet, …
Edmund Druilhet – YouTube
Fox news NY Primetime Madoff Movie (MY FOX) Interview Edmund Druilhet about his new Film. THE BANKSTERS Made off with America. (AKA) Madoff, Made …
Edmund Druilhet | Facebook
Edmund Druilhet is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Edmund Druilhet and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and …
Edmund Druilhet – since 85 LUMAL SINCE 1996
20 hours ago – Tag Archives: Edmund Druilhet. Edmund Druilhet IS alive & well. Posted on August … day 5 years ago. FRESU new buzz TAIKd w/ EDMUND …

following the feed MACdonalds HAS the tcp/IP

Im in a string. CONNECTd 2 the feed ….

spires a diner in torrance



Ol folks (me) ac & INTERNET


Im on a mission Im 2 old 4 THIS shit & Im still alive and kickIN

so whats NEW, NOthing SAME ol shit different DAY. CARPE diem TALLY ho OCTASIONALLY I find something COOL even MORE rare I make something COOL. Its 4 this and these I keep going THX god

my kids 19 & Im on reset BUSINESS is VERY stale MRKT is OFF TIME 2 rebound

Im living a fresh start cancer in 2009 wasNt surgery TIL 2012 I survived and now I’m continuing The common take amoung EVEN the wealthy IS scared Dont know what 2 do. OBAMA is a disease THAT people r waiting 2 end. NO one seems 2 believe in america. I simple resetting and it hurts. The current flavor of business IS GOVT connectD or nothing. The big huge weight hanging over america & the world IS big BIG govt. Its like a giant marvel bad GUY whoS the HERO. Im working 4 myself & its living like mad MAX its fun , exciting and it hurts. I guess Ill play NO other game so shut UP and deal with IT TCB like elvis used 2 say..Taken Care of BUSINESS

emma FILMing n hermosa BEACH where O wear(?)

The Lighthouse Emma stone Ryan Gosliing La La Land FILMING in congessed HERMOSA BEACH

rylee doing laundry on his bDay Happy 19


superChargeD Mercedes S55 AMG is 4 SALE, 12 YRS hold 2003

100K car 2nd owner FULL maintenance RECORDS AS close 2 NEW as I can IMAGINE ten THOUSAND FIRM FIRM FIRM