old stale boreing crap is dead, on with LIFE whatever that means

Father day INploded w. w. Dead shit. IVe been thru more than alot GLaD 2 be here onward upwardIMG_7149a

everyBODY wants 2 wait, WAIT 4 what retirement OK !!!!


MRKT got a bad rep IN internet. NO marketing NEVER works, shortCUTs works 4 a Minute BAD shortcut never worked SAVED money…

the world is interesting @mcd

Processing chicken per costco @mcdonalds talking up pets food so weird


Took 4 days halloween pic

Procesing @ mcD

So weird campin in a depression in liberal hermosa


i arrived in the future oct 21 2015 IT was cool 2 watch Michael J. Fox AND go back IN time

they SHOWed the three MOVIES & i was there 4 THE second AND the future october 21 2015 Ive seen it on TV the full movie bought it HOME clean EFFECTS shown BIG in theatre. ITs the future and IT renders THE future pretty GOOG.

I spent the STEVE jobs movie in retro I was there and I had connection @ the the very TOP so THE movie was immpresive 4 the details. BLAH BLAH the spin has overcome the real, nobody cares IF its real , I do

the future is always subject 2 opinion & memory. EVERYbody has a view backwards BUT some of US were IN the game.. TALLY ho MY memories


hunting beautiful

2015-10-22 21.51.22


Got one yesterday here professor Cynthia


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everyTHING is wonderful

expanding LONG dead websites YET they still rank IN google wiTHout the content public SO now REpublicING MY pics paisanos-pizza.com is going FRAN licensing LIMITED partnership

motelING and camping THE life OF a nomad


sleepin IN a bed w/ 4 pillows WHat a blessing MAKING money huRRah

itS been an interesting few days WORKin out a solution

camping IS a means 2 an end WHAT end I know not BUT its resolving WIN_20151002_233306

Apollonia MESSAGEd me what a sweet SWEET girl THEN & especially NOW thx

A aK

Apollonia Kotero (born Patricia Apollonia Kotero on August 2, 1959 in Santa Monica, California) is an actress, singer, former model and talent manager of Mexican heritage.


LIFE a trip & am TRIPPIN

postING is easy life IS HARD so HARD hard IT killS YA K. hepburn


she IS A K> HEPBURN of HER TIME.interestING